Monday, September 12, 2011

Women's Health Issues - Menopause Headaches

The "Change of Life" or menopause can be an extremely difficult time in a women's life. This marks the end of the child-bearing years and can cause severe emotional problems for some women and also physical problems as well. One such problem is the menopause headache which can be as annoying as a simple headache to as severe as migraines several times a week. While the exact cause of these headaches may be different in each case, they seem to be caused by the changes in the hormonal levels in the body during this time.

Relief can come in many forms and each woman's treatment may be different. One woman may respond well to over the counter medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen while another may get no relief from these. If you have tried these over the counter medicines and they don't take away the headaches, you may need to work with your doctor to find something that will. In some cases it may require a prescription medication for pain, while in others, hormone replacement therapy may be needed to help balance the hormones in the body.

Some alternative therapies include yoga, meditation, and exercise. Some women also get relief from aromatherapy or homeopathic remedies. Still others find natural remedies give them relief. No matter the treatment, the best course of action is to not give up. With menopause, your health can change from day to day. This is why it is called the "change of life." You will experience changes, some positive, some negative. But your body is an amazing machine designed for healing. Keep a positive attitude and work through the problems and you will experience a positive outcome.

This article mentions alternative therapies and techniques, however, this is not medical advice. You should always seek the guidance of a medical professional before embarking on any therapy.