Sunday, October 16, 2011

Women Easily Burn More Calories - Slim Thighs, Burn Fat

As a woman I know that you are already pressed for time so you need to be able to make the best use of the time that you do have, so here's a few fitness tips that will help you to easily burn more calories & fat in less time.
With these tips you will be able to: burn more calories, burn more fat, slim your thighs, and do it all in little to no extra time.
How To Easily Burn More Calories (Women)
Tip #1: Eat some sort of protein at every meal & at snack time. The most important diet change that you can make is to add a bit of protein at every meal. Protein has so many benefits. It takes 30% of its calories to digest, it allows you to feel fuller faster, and supports an increased metabolism.
Tip #2: Try a Tex-Mex diet. To stay on that same note, decreasing the amount of processed carbs is just as important. A Tex-Mex diet is naturally higher in protein and lower in carbs, but is extremely tasty. You always feel satiated. It replaces bread for tortillas and wraps or it doesn't use any bread. You get flavorful meats, and most all meals have some sort of protein and fresh veggies.
Tip #3: Never sit. At least 3 days a week, try to never sit down. I know that this may seem impossible to do, and you will have to sit at some point, but the idea is to get you thinking that way. Just the thought of not sitting down all day seems tiring doesn't it (that's because you are working your muscles & burning more calories naturally all day long).
For example: when you take a phone call stand up and stay standing or at the kids soccer game stand and walk the field for the entire game. Also try to mix in a few exercises throughout the day. Do some body weight squats while you wait for the shower to warm up, or a few pushups (or lunges) during commercial of your favorite show, or always take the stairs and park in the back of the parking lot at the store or work.
Now that you know how to easily burn more calories, you can get in the shape that you want without wasting anytime. You can get those slim thighs, trim the fat, and tone up in time for any occasion.
If you think that it's to difficult to imagine getting rid of your cellulite, think again. It really is not. There is a formula and exact steps that you must take to help you though.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Natural Gender Selection Vs High Tech Gender Selection

Many people long to have a baby of a certain gender. Though it's not often talked about in modern culture, it's quite common. Most people would like a chance to parent both genders. Some people would prefer to have sons, and others would prefer to have daughters. There are different methods of gender selection available today. Some of these require medical intervention and are called "high tech" gender selection. Others are natural methods that can be done without a laboratory.

High-Tech Gender Selection

There are a couple of different types of high-tech selection. Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis, or PGD, is the only 100% certain way to choose your baby's gender.

PGD is used to diagnose many things within an early embryo -- it can be used to check the health of the newly fertilized baby, look for certain genetic or inheritable diseases, and to determine the sex of the baby.

When PGD is used for sex selection, called "family balancing," embryos of the desired gender are evaluated for health. The healthiest ones are selected and placed back into the mother's uterus.

PGD brings with it disadvantages. Firstly, it's extremely expensive. It's also limited to couples who want to use it for family balancing -- a family that only wants girls or only wants boys will not be able to use it. In general it can't be used for a first child, either.

Many people have trouble with PGD because it creates embryos of both sexes -- and the opposite sex embryos are simply discarded or frozen. This creates ethical and moral problems for many families who don't want to create embryos only to discard them.

As with many assisted reproductive technologies, the chance of multiples increases with PGD.

Another high-tech procedure is called Microsort. This procedure sorts sperm in a laboratory so that a sperm sample contains mostly sperm carrying chromosomes for the desired sex. This procedure has a high success rate, though it's not 100% guaranteed. The success rate for girls is higher than for boys. Microsort can be used with IUI procedures or the more costly IVF procedures.

Microsort is still subject to government testing and hasn't gotten 100% approval. As with PGD it tends to be limited to certain families. Most families admitted to the trials are trying to avoid having a child with a sex-linked genetic condition.

Natural Gender Selection

There are far more theories on natural sex selection than I can possibly cover in this article. For simplicity's sake I will group them all under the "natural" heading.

Natural methods are not 100% guaranteed. Rather than assuring you you'll get the sex you desire, you're able to "sway the odds" using methods that science has shown may influence the sex of your child.

Scientific studies in humans and animals do show that we can influence the sex of our children. Various things like diet, body pH, and possibly the timing of intercourse can all have an influence. Hormones within both the father and the mother also seem to have an influence on the sex of a child.

Many families feel more comfortable with natural gender selection because they can influence things in favor of the gender they desire without undergoing any costly medical procedures. There are also no excess embryos left after assisted reproductive procedures. These families also sometimes feel that if they get the opposite of what they were hoping for that it was meant to be that way.

Natural sex selection has the obvious disadvantage of not being a 100% guarantee. Supplements to change the environment in favor of one sex may also be expensive. Some mothers also find the diet and exercise regimes for a certain sex to be challenging.

Anybody can use natural selection techniques, however, making this method far more accessible to most families.

By the way, do you want to learn more about how to choose the gender of your baby, naturally, using techniques that are safe and effective for you and your baby?

Herbal Tips For Breast Enlargement

Believe it or not but breasts are one asset we cannot live without. Women go to any extent to keep them healthy and in shape. A pair of breasts which becomes droopy or loose affects whole personality of a woman and makes her look old and unattractive to the opposite sex.

It is well-known that surgical enhancement of breasts can have grave side effects and even increase chances of getting breast cancer. For women with small breasts size there is hope in the ayurvedic system of medicine.

There are certain herbs like fennel seeds and saw palmetto which are highly effective in enhancing breasts size and health and when coupled with some yogic aasanas like surya namaskara and stabdhasana a woman can get fuller and firmer breasts.

Fenugreek which is commonly found in kitchens is also a very effective remedy for breast enhancement as it contains estrogen and prolactin which are essential for overall women health and natural development. Regular consumption of fenugreek can give your breasts a better shape and fullness.

Ginger is also a very effective herbal remedy for breast enhancement because it helps increased circulation of blood. It is commonly added to your daily food but it is recommended to consume it fresh and raw daily to keep firmness in your breasts. Enhanced circulation of blood increases the fat content in the breasts thereby making them bigger in size.

Saw palmetto which is used worldwide as a remedy for treating an enlarged prostate is also helpful in making breasts fuller by reducing the testosterone levels in th female body hence making breast enhancement possible.

Herbal Supplements
You might be thinking how can one reap the benefits of these herbs to their full capacity but there is no need to worry because there are ayurvedic herbal supplements available in the market which are made from these herbs and their regular intake will over a period of time help you in increasing your breasts size.

Added Instructions
If you have decided to take herbal supplements you should also consider making some changes in your daily lifestyle like indulge in fitness training, eat healthy food and abstain from raw or junk food and avoid addictions like alcohol and smoking as they tend to reduce the efficacy of herbal medicines and also cause health concerns.