Friday, October 14, 2011

Herbal Tips For Breast Enlargement

Believe it or not but breasts are one asset we cannot live without. Women go to any extent to keep them healthy and in shape. A pair of breasts which becomes droopy or loose affects whole personality of a woman and makes her look old and unattractive to the opposite sex.

It is well-known that surgical enhancement of breasts can have grave side effects and even increase chances of getting breast cancer. For women with small breasts size there is hope in the ayurvedic system of medicine.

There are certain herbs like fennel seeds and saw palmetto which are highly effective in enhancing breasts size and health and when coupled with some yogic aasanas like surya namaskara and stabdhasana a woman can get fuller and firmer breasts.

Fenugreek which is commonly found in kitchens is also a very effective remedy for breast enhancement as it contains estrogen and prolactin which are essential for overall women health and natural development. Regular consumption of fenugreek can give your breasts a better shape and fullness.

Ginger is also a very effective herbal remedy for breast enhancement because it helps increased circulation of blood. It is commonly added to your daily food but it is recommended to consume it fresh and raw daily to keep firmness in your breasts. Enhanced circulation of blood increases the fat content in the breasts thereby making them bigger in size.

Saw palmetto which is used worldwide as a remedy for treating an enlarged prostate is also helpful in making breasts fuller by reducing the testosterone levels in th female body hence making breast enhancement possible.

Herbal Supplements
You might be thinking how can one reap the benefits of these herbs to their full capacity but there is no need to worry because there are ayurvedic herbal supplements available in the market which are made from these herbs and their regular intake will over a period of time help you in increasing your breasts size.

Added Instructions
If you have decided to take herbal supplements you should also consider making some changes in your daily lifestyle like indulge in fitness training, eat healthy food and abstain from raw or junk food and avoid addictions like alcohol and smoking as they tend to reduce the efficacy of herbal medicines and also cause health concerns.