Sunday, October 16, 2011

Women Easily Burn More Calories - Slim Thighs, Burn Fat

As a woman I know that you are already pressed for time so you need to be able to make the best use of the time that you do have, so here's a few fitness tips that will help you to easily burn more calories & fat in less time.
With these tips you will be able to: burn more calories, burn more fat, slim your thighs, and do it all in little to no extra time.
How To Easily Burn More Calories (Women)
Tip #1: Eat some sort of protein at every meal & at snack time. The most important diet change that you can make is to add a bit of protein at every meal. Protein has so many benefits. It takes 30% of its calories to digest, it allows you to feel fuller faster, and supports an increased metabolism.
Tip #2: Try a Tex-Mex diet. To stay on that same note, decreasing the amount of processed carbs is just as important. A Tex-Mex diet is naturally higher in protein and lower in carbs, but is extremely tasty. You always feel satiated. It replaces bread for tortillas and wraps or it doesn't use any bread. You get flavorful meats, and most all meals have some sort of protein and fresh veggies.
Tip #3: Never sit. At least 3 days a week, try to never sit down. I know that this may seem impossible to do, and you will have to sit at some point, but the idea is to get you thinking that way. Just the thought of not sitting down all day seems tiring doesn't it (that's because you are working your muscles & burning more calories naturally all day long).
For example: when you take a phone call stand up and stay standing or at the kids soccer game stand and walk the field for the entire game. Also try to mix in a few exercises throughout the day. Do some body weight squats while you wait for the shower to warm up, or a few pushups (or lunges) during commercial of your favorite show, or always take the stairs and park in the back of the parking lot at the store or work.
Now that you know how to easily burn more calories, you can get in the shape that you want without wasting anytime. You can get those slim thighs, trim the fat, and tone up in time for any occasion.
If you think that it's to difficult to imagine getting rid of your cellulite, think again. It really is not. There is a formula and exact steps that you must take to help you though.