Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anti-Aging Tips - The Most Effective Facials

A Manuka honey facial has many benefits. The honey contains healing properties that are ideal for the skin. Using it for a facial mask for dry skin is very beneficial, honey has the ability to attract moisture and retain it. Therefore applying a honey facial mask will benefit dry skin like nothing else.

It is also a known fact that Manuka honey aids in the healing process of wounds, burns and infections. It will also help to soften rough skin and make it smooth and supple, thereby preventing the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. Manuka Honey is packed with vitamins and antioxidants which help to protect the skin against free radicals.

Other benefits of a Manuka Honey facial mask are as follows:

Prevents discoloration of the skin and promotes even coloring;
Helps to renew skin cells, leaving skin looking visibly younger and radiant;
Helps to nourish and rejuvenate skin;
Heals and prevents fungal and bacterial infections;
Heals and prevents acne and other blemishes;
Treats eczema and psoriasis;
Moisturizes the skin;
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Honey Face Mask Recipes

For Firming the Face
Honey (1 tablespoon)
Egg White (1 egg)
Glycerin (1 teaspoon)
Flour (¼ cup)
Directions: Mix the honey, glycerin and egg white to make a solution. Then add flour and mix well, creating a paste. Apply evenly to the face and neck. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

As a Facial
Equal quantities of:
Olive Oil
Directions: Mix the honey, olive oil, oatmeal and avocado in a bowl. Apply to evenly the face and neck. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

As a Moisturizing Pack
Honey (2 tablespoons)
Whole Milk (2 teaspoons)
Directions: Mix the honey and milk into a smooth consistency. Apply evenly to the face and neck. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

It is important to use unprocessed Manuka honey as ordinary honey is heated and pasteurized during the packing process. This destroys the enzymes and natural healing properties that are present in honey. Additionally, Manuka Honey contains far more healing properties than any other type of honey. It is recommended that you use Manuka Honey with a UMF rating between 10 and 16. Less than 10 is not potent enough and more than 16 is too potent. My next article will be based around the facial machines.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How Physiotherapy Can Help Women's Health Issues

Women's health encompasses a broad spectrum of issues that can be treated by physiotherapy. From pregnancy back pain to incontinence problems faced by older women, physiotherapy can help.

Bladder incontinence is a problem for 13 million Americans on any given day. Although some men have this problem, it is present in much greater numbers in the area of women's health.

There are several different kinds of incontinence. Stress incontinence happens mainly when the person coughs or sneezes. Urge incontinence causes the person to have sudden urges to use the restroom. This may be due to organ prolapse, such as a tilted uterus, which can also lead to sexual dysfunction.

Women's health physiotherapy may well be able to help correct these conditions.
Physiotherapists who work in the field of women's health can correct nearly 70% of incontinence problems. The major exercise used is called the Kegel. It is a very specialized exercise, and most often needs specialized instructions, and it takes biofeedback for many to get it right.

Many of the problems of women's health can be traced to the pelvic floor. The Kegel exercise specifically addresses this part of the anatomy. There are other therapies that are effective as well. Electrical stimulation is only one of the methods used. Soft tissue manipulation is another treatment that has had good results.

Pelvic pain affects the health and well-being of many women. It may be caused by a variety of sources. It can be due to vulvodynia or abdominal surgeries, for instance. Pelvic pain can also be the result of a fall, especially if the tailbone has been damaged. These conditions can cause long term curtailment of many physical activities lead to an overall deterioration in the women's psychological health. Physiotherapy offers a variety of treatments to help these problems.

Another very important area where physiotherapy plays an important role in women's health is during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant are aware of their bodies going through various changes that can be painful. Lower back pain is only one of them.

Physiotherapists can help with this. Gentle exercises can be taught to relieve tension in the back. One simple but very effective exercise is lying on the floor with the knees up and pressing the small of the back down to the floor. This gives a great feeling of relief. There are other exercises to strengthen the woman's back. However, it is important to be under a physiotherapist's specific instructions and watchful eye to ensure the exercises are the right one for the different stages and discomforts of pregnancy. Women's health is of utmost importance at this time, and so is the baby's.

Physiotherapists can give instructions on the exact amount, type and quality of exercises that are best for pregnant women. After delivery, physiotherapy is also a boon to women's health. It can help get women back into shape and instruct them in taking care of their new child while preventing back problems. Furthermore, another area of postpartum women's health where physiotherapy can be very effective is the treatment of women who have had cesarean sections.

Physiotherapy is important to women's health as women suffer from a host of physical disorders. Many of these conditions will respond to physiotherapy. It is only natural that women would turn to a tried and true method for relief.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things to Know About Vaginal Tightening and Vaginal Dryness

At some point in life, women are faced with challenges relating to their body and one such challenge is vaginal dryness. When this strikes, there is no doubt it brings with lots of uncomfortable feelings. One of the results of this condition is ruining a lady's sex life. More often than not vaginal tightening is caused by multiple factors including reduction in levels of estrogen, vaginal infections, some medications, among many others. It is often advisable to seek assistance of health professionals prior to seeking any form of treatment. Nonetheless, there are many known remedies in dealing with this condition.

Increased intake of water as well as Kegel exercises are believed to enhance blood circulation to the pelvic area and consequently, boost vaginal moisture production. This alleviates cases of vaginal dryness. Additionally, one may use lubricants as appropriate in order to alleviate the same. Experts are also often mentioned that an increment in sexual intercourse frequency has potential produce natural vaginal lubrication.

Other than vaginal dryness, women often encounter cases of loose vagina. When this strikes some women are greatly affected and any means to perform vaginal tightening would be welcome to them. Basically, there are several options that a woman can resort to. One of these options is vaginal rejuvenation surgery. However, not many people would welcome the idea of being cut around that area. In any case, this surgery is quite expensive. After all, who would want to spend all her savings on vaginal tightening?

In the recent times, vaginal exercises have proved to be quite a success. Commonly known as Kegel exercises, they strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. It is, however, important to ensure that the right exercises are adopted if positive results are to be obtained. One should never relate increased sexual desire to getting a tighter vagina. In some instances, people get tighter and fully functional vaginas but still encounter sexual dysfunction often resulting from emotional issues. Although vaginal laxity largely affects lots of women, natural products and methods have proved a success. They have made the surgical option quite inappropriate. Creams have also been developed to help in tightening the vagina and, luckily, they have provided amazingly good results.

With all that said, it would be important to mention that prior to investing any money on vaginal tightening or vaginal dryness products, it may be wise to begin by first discussing with experts and understanding what is most likely to work for you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia - Studies Show Natural Remedies

Fibromyalgia (pronounced fy-bro-my-AL-ja), is a condition that affects five to six million Americans. Eighty to ninety percent of those diagnosed with fibromyalgia are women and most people are diagnosed during middle age. Fibromyalgia presents itself as widespread chronic pain, multiple tender points in joints and muscles, sleep disturbances and insomnia, extreme fatigue, stress, anxiety, and an interference with basic daily activities. A high percentage may also have irritable bowel syndrome, which suggests a food allergy component.

According to the National Institutes of Health web site, many people with fibromyalgia report varying degrees of success with complementary and alternative therapies such as massage, low impact exercise or stretching, chiropractic treatments, vitamins and minerals, eliminating allergic foods, avoiding caffeine or alcohol, and drinking a lot of water.

Vitamin D

Fibromyalgia and arthritis are "rheumatic" conditions -- those that are known to impair the joints and/or soft tissues such as muscles and tendons and cause chronic, long-term pain. The Journal of Clinical Rheumatology recently published a study that found vitamin D deficiency is common in fibromyalgia and a 2010 study published in "International Orthopaedics" found a significant connection between vitamin D deficiency and arthritis of the knee and recommends that any patient with symptoms of arthritis be screened for vitamin D deficiency.

MSM for Pain

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural sulfur-bearing nutrient that occurs widely in nature. It is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, fish, and grains. However, MSM is mostly lost when food is heated, frozen or pasteurized. According to research from Ronald Lawrence, M.D., MSM represents a safe, natural solution for chronic headaches, back pain, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, athletic injuries and muscle spasms. A study in the journal "Osteoarthritis Cartilage" confirms this and reports: "Compared to placebo, MSM produced significant decreases in osteoarthritis pain and physical function impairment. MSM also produced improvement in performing the activities of daily living."

Allergic Foods

Nutrition expert Ray Sahelian, M.D. writes: "In one study, researchers reviewed medical charts of17 fibromyalgia patients who agreed to eliminate common foods from their diet such as corn, wheat, dairy, citrus, soy, nuts and sugar. After two weeks without eating any of the potential food allergens, nearly half of the patients reported significant reduction of pain, and most reported a reduction in other symptoms such as headache, fatigue, bloating, and breathing difficulties."

Minerals for Fibromyalgia

Calcium and magnesium have been researched for their roles as both natural pain relievers and insomnia remedies. A study from Hong Kong in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (a chiropractic journal), states that supplementing with calcium and magnesium in fibromyalgia subjects reduces the number of tender points. The study concluded that "calcium and magnesium supplements may be indicated as an adjunctive (additional) treatment of fibromyalgia."

Calcium for Insomnia

Fibromyalgia may be related to or originate out of a sleep disorder. The pioneering nutritionist Adelle Davis says "A calcium deficiency often shows itself by insomnia, another form of an inability to relax. The harm done by sleeping tablets, to say nothing of the thousands of dollars spent on them, could largely be avoided if the calcium intake were adequate." In one study published in the European Neurology Journal, researchers found that calcium levels in the body are higher during some of the deepest levels of sleep, such as the rapid eye movement (REM) phase, and that disturbances in sleep are related to a calcium deficiency.

Natural Sleep Remedy

Natural remedies for pain and insomnia should contain highly absorbable forms of calcium and magnesium, along with Vitamin D. The ingredients are best delivered in a softgel form with healthy carrier oils, making them more easily assimilated than capsules or tablets and providing a deeper, longer-lasting sleep.

Pain medications or anti-depressant drugs may be prescribed for fibromyalgia, but they tend to mask the symptoms, not heal them. It's often a better option to use the tools of healthy diet, gentle exercise, and nutritional supplements to create greater health.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Natural Gender Selection - Does Milk Matter?

Milk is a hot topic when it comes to gender selection! There's a lot of debate about a simple drink. Does it make it more likely you'll get a girl or a boy?

In favor of a boy

The protein and fat in milk, especially in whole milk, probably increases the chances of getting a boy more than a girl. Studies have proven that getting more fat, more protein, and more nutrition over all increases the chances of getting a boy. In addition, eating more calories increases your chances of getting a boy. Milk products, and again especially whole milk products, give you a pretty good amount of calories with each glass.

Unprocessed milk, or raw milk, most likely increases the chance of boys because it contains more vitamins, more nutrients, and just more of everything than store-bought milk.

Mineral ranges

The reason some people say that milk might increase your chances of getting a girl, on the other hand, is because it contains minerals thought to boost the chances of getting pregnant with a girl.

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals found in milk and all dairy products. Some studies have shown that these nutrients can increase your chances of getting a girl.

Milk is rich in one boy mineral, which is sodium or salt. Sodium heavy diets are definitely correlated with having more males.

Body pH

Another consideration with milk is it's back on body pH. It's most likely that unprocessed milk causes the body to become more alkaline. Processed milk products, however, may cause the body to become more acid. This would favor girl conceptions. The alkaline effects would favor boy conceptions.

Recommendations for Milk

If you are trying to conceive a boy, a great plan is to consume only high-fat dairy products. Have them moderation, but don't be scared of them. You will get a lot of vitamins, fat, protein, an good level of sodium -- all things that you want.

If you would like to conceive a girl, only use low-fat dairy products. This will give you the calcium and magnesium but not add in extra fat which would end up increasing your chances of a boy. Some recommend yogurt as being good because it may be acidifying.

If you find that you are having trouble conceiving, go ahead and have full fat dairy products. They are proven to increase fertility for women having trouble getting pregnant. You will still be getting the calcium and magnesium you want for a girl. You can use many other techniques to boost your chances for a girl and still successfully get pregnant.

By the way, do you want to learn more about how to choose the gender of your baby, naturally, using techniques that are safe and effective for you and your baby?

Monday, March 12, 2012

How To Keep Breasts Healthy And Disease Free

A number of studies have revealed that if a woman eats certain types of foods she can greatly reduce her chances of developing breast cancer. For instance including vegetables like butternut squash and fruits mainly orange and yellow which contain anti-oxidant beta-carotene are beneficial in reducing chances of breast cancer. Cranberries, flax seeds and walnuts as well as omega 3 fatty acids are also beneficial in preventing breast cancer. A woman should also eat foods which are rich in magnesium as it aids in prevention of tenderness and swelling in breasts.

Breasts no doubt are an integral part of a woman's personality hence it is very much understandable why women are so curious about the size and health of their breasts. In this article let us discuss about some of the ways through which women can keep their breasts healthy and even improve their size and appearance.

Wearing the Right Bra Size

It is estimated that more than 60 percent of women are not aware of their right bra size hence they end up wearing the wrong size which can lead to problems like irritation in the skin, poor posture, difficulty in breathing and in some cases lead to permanent damage of breast ligaments causing severe pain in breasts and premature sagging. It should be kept in mind that bra size keeps on changing throughout life due to multiple factors like pregnancy, weight gain or loss, menopause and others. So next time you go out to buy a bra make sure the size is right and comfortable.

Exercising Regularly

Many studies have confirmed that exercising regularly can help in controlling estrogen levels in the body and also reduce breast cancer risk. Exercising is not only good for your health but it will also help in improving the overall appearance of breasts as it will provide strength and prevent sagging. Pectoral muscle exercises like push ups and bench press are a good way to improve health of the breasts.


If you are looking for breasts which are firmer and perkier you can use the herbal firming creams which are readily available in the market. Although the cream might not improve your breasts size significantly but its regular application will definitely help in improving skin elasticity and tone up the breasts hence preventing wrinkles, sagging and other skin problems.

Regular Checkups

It is a very disappointing fact that only around 30 to 35 percent women regularly get themselves checked for any signs of breast cancer. It is very important to have regular checkups of your breasts because it is the number one cause of deaths in women but if it is detected in time it is 100% treatable. Your doctor can advise you on how to find out if there is something wrong with breasts and if any medical attention is required.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast - Proven To Work!

A lot of women all over the world want to know how to get rid of cellulite the easiest and fastest way possible. When bathing suit season comes around, the unsightly appearance of cellulite can make any woman's self-confidence plummet. There are many products on the market today that will help with this horrendous display, but if you are looking for a long-term solution, a little hard work with exercise may be necessary.

If you are looking to make a real investment into your appearance, and have tried other options with little result, other methods are available for your consideration.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the build up of fat cells underneath the skin that can cause a dimpled appearance. This is mostly evident around the thighs, underarms, and buttocks of many women. Cellulite can be present even on thin women, which is why it has become such a malady in society today. When fat cells continue to grow, the appearance of cellulite becomes more evident, and it also simultaneously becomes more difficult to get rid of.

Why is Cellulite So Hard to Get Rid of?

First of all, there is only one way to permanently get rid of cellulite, which is through the method of liposuction. A fat cell is always present, but the size of it is what determines how apparent cellulite will be in certain areas of the body. If you reduce the size of the fat cell, are able to smooth out the texture under the skin, or are able to reduce the appearance topically, the presentation of this bumpy ailment will be reduced.

What Are the Options of Getting Rid of Cellulite?

If you are wondering how to get rid of cellulite, you may be amazed at the amount of options that are available on the market today. There are many products, such as rollers and smoothers that attempt to smooth out the appearance by evening out the fat cells underneath the skin.

Topical creams are another popular product, which help to reduce the appearance of cellulite much the same way that an anti-wrinkle cream works. Many exercise gurus have developed workout programs designed for the areas of the body that are mostly affected by this cellular fat build up, which requires you to work up a sweat in order to reduce the size of the fat cells for a long-term effect.

Finally, there is the option of liposuction which is performed by a professional at a hefty cost, which actually involves the removal of the fat cells altogether to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Gismos and Gadgets for Cellulite

There are many products on the market today that guarantee results for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Many times, these products just increase the amount of blood flow to the area affected, and provide little more than a temporary solution. Massage mechanisms, creams and other products may reduce the sight enough for you to build your confidence quickly, but do not be surprised if the unsightly appearance of cellulite returns faster than you expected. People spend thousands of dollars on this industry each year, and any expert will tell you that most of these products are ineffective and a waste of money.

Exercise for Cellulite

Although many of us cringe at the sound of exercise, it is one of the only ways to truly reduce the sight of cellulite for the long-term. It is hard work, takes a long time to see results, and may never really solve the complete dimpled skin issue. However, by exercising, you will halt the possibility of increasing the size of the cells by reducing the amount of fat that is stored and you will gain muscle tone that will be much more attractive.

Liposuction and Laser: The Quickest but Most Expensive Solution

There are two expensive ways to quickly get rid of cellulite but they require a major investment of your self-will and money. Through the methods of liposuction or laser treatment, you can remove the fat cells completely by removing them (or shrinking them through laser technology).

This should be the last option that you seek out, not the first. Talking to a professional cosmetic surgeon will provide you the answers that you are looking for on whether this treatment is right for you.
There are many options to help reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite; however, if you are looking for long-term results, exercise is the number one solution. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite or are wondering how to get rid of cellulite quickly for a one time occasion, there are many products on the market that are available to assist you.

Women's Health & Wellness Issues

As a woman, it is very important that you educate yourself in every facet of women's health, because it covers a broad spectrum right from general health down to the narrower focus of reproductive health. Women's health is a big issue from pregnancy to infections, to infertility

When it comes to health, men and women experience and react to various conditions differently. Both need to engage in preventative measures as this improves their quality of life.

The subject of women's health is a growing issue. There is lots of information out there relative to this topic which can make things a little confusing but as you go through it you will find that the fundamentals remain the same.

There are also numerous products out there to help women overcome various health challenges but you should always educate yourself about what you are taking. The internet is a wonderful tool to do this. There are lots of forums and communities out there where women discuss products they have used and what benefits or drawbacks they experienced while taking them

Like anything else, it is all about getting the right information. So you may need to dig deep and always double check for various official references.

As we all know, what you eat is very important when it comes to your health. Shockingly, some of the most important ingredients necessary to have a healthy diet are more often then not in short supply in the foods that we eat on a daily basis.

The good news is that healthy foods are readily available in your local grocery store but you may need to make an extra effort to find them. It's funny how they seem to display the nutrient-robbing foods more prevalently over that of the healthy foods.

Women have many health issues to deal with such as breast cancer for example. It is very important as a woman that you do regular mammograms as a preventative measure. As per usual exercise is important and it is also essential that you develop good habits. Such as drinking plenty of water, eating fresh food such as fruit and veggies and in general having a balanced diet.

Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. Regular exercise and good eating habits will do a lot to improve your lifestyle and self image. It will also help with your mental health and general outlook on life and along with this regular exercise has been proven to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

Finally, another key element to health is sleep. Sleep deprivation is not good for you and there are numerous studies out there that report on the various health issues that can arise due to lack of sleep. In conclusion, eat healthy, exercise and get routine check ups for maximum health.