Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Self-Care and Balanced Living for Beginners: It Is Possible!

Does any of this sound familiar? You feel tired, overextended and out of balance. You want to feel healthier and more peaceful but aren't sure what to do, where to start, or how to add one more thing to your schedule. Maybe you've been taking care of everyone else and you're ready to put yourself on your "To Do" list. On top of it all, you feel a little drained, so any new activity has to be really easy.
If you've been too busy to commiserate with your girlfriends lately, let me tell you: you're not alone. In spite of all the time-saving gadgets we have, most people are busier than ever. With so many things calling for their attention some people don't even think it's possible to have a balanced life. They just think they have to become better jugglers.
Not true! Having a balanced life is possible. You have to address the right things, however, in order to achieve it. Just like getting weeds out of your garden, you have to get to the root of what's pulling you out of balance.
Though there may be common themes from person to person every life is unique. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to creating a balanced life. You have to take inventory of your life and give yourself whatever is missing from your equation. Identifying what you need and making sure you get it is self-care.
Self-care takes many forms. It could look like better time management, a day at the spa, going to bed a little earlier, or even setting boundaries with a pushy neighbor. It depends on what you need.
Your needs might change over time. One week you could feel calm and in control and the next you might feel like you're running on a treadmill set way too fast. That's the tricky part about creating balance. It's a practice, not a destination. Just like balancing on one foot, you might get steady and comfortable for a while but you'll probably waver and need to readjust at some point.
This is especially true if something in your environment changes. Imagine if the wind starts to blow or the lights go out while you're balancing on one foot. You'd probably have to readjust to keep balanced. Creating a balanced life is the same. That's why paying attention to your self-care needs and making them a priority is so important. You can't control what life throws at you but you can determine how you'll respond.
If you've been neglecting your needs for a while, or feel too tired to think about anything new, you might need a little assistance to figure out what they are. Reading good self-care articles or attending a webinar might be a nice place to start. A good webinar has the added benefit of coming to you in the comfort of your own home or office. No travel required. It's easy and convenient.